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What is Energy Healing?

Energy therapy is a therapeutic modality that is practiced in the alternative health circuit. Included as a holistic practice, energy therapy covers all of mind, body, soul, and even more. 

Since holistic healing arts became an increasingly popular therapy in the western world, clients have seen the alternative health industry go from acupuncture to aromatherapy, from sound healing to tapping. Each method or technique confronts the pain or problem at its core, energetic level. For example, acupuncture taps into the meridian system, the body's highway system of transporting energetic information; sound therapy produces subtle vibrations which can bring the body's vibrations back into harmony and resonance. 

The key word here is "subtle." Energies that cause pain or cause healing are subtle. Increasing awareness through meditation or other spiritual devotions can lead to an increased awareness of this subtle energy field. 

Everything that exists is energy. We know this from Einstein's famous equation, E=mc2: energy is equal to the mass of a particle multiplied by the squared speed of light. In other words, the mass of ANY material is directly correlated with and dependent on the function of energy at the speed of light.

From physics theory, we also know that light is made up of photons, which are bundles of energy. If mass and light simply boil down to the construct of energy, we can easily understand how manifestations in our body or our mental health can come from energetic disturbances. This is why energy healing is real, sometimes immediate, and straight to the point. 

In any energy healing session, it is typical to run into other disturbances that the client is not even aware of. For instance, the client may have the presenting complaint of throat agitation or a headache. However, when entering into this shared awareness of the client's energy field, it can be sensed that there is a blockage in the adjacent chakra or another place in the body. Blockage (or excessive or imbalanced energy) in one place can also present a problem leading to limiting beliefs or negative attitudes.

Energy therapy is about identifying the energetic root/base of the issue, soothing the negative energy with love and compassion (which initiates healing), and presenting healing lights, gifts, divine messages, and frequencies to the imbalanced part of the person. Energy healing seeks to make the person whole: mind, body, soul, and beyond. Energy naturally seeks balance, which is why you find yourself here.

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