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Pet Energy Therapy (30 minutes)

In my time of practice, I have seen pets have a high rate of responding happily to energy therapy. Energy therapy can work with your pet's energy system to facilitate the path towards their best health. No energy is forced onto a pet, but I have seen my own pets rush towards this light and love. That's right, they demonstrate through their behavior that something feels right.

Energy therapy for pets can be applied to any animal. Even farm and ranch animals are welcome. Having the pet present for energy therapy is encouraged, but if there is no wi-fi in the barn, you can still book your pet's healing.

More information included below.

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Energy Therapy (60 minutes)

Energy therapy provides complete care for mind, body, and soul. Amy works with the energy within your core being that is closely associated with the chakras to restore health and wellness to your whole being. Though healing on deeper levels can take multiple sessions, many report feeling better immediately after the session.

Angels and guides often assist with and provide healing light and spiritual support. Amy's clairvoyant/clairsentient gifts are often utilized and shared during therapy to give clients updates of the wonderful energy work they are beholding.

Energy therapy often involves discussing topics in need of healing. These discussions help the energy move and adjust as needed for healing. So feel free to share whatever comes to mind, whenever it comes.

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Energy Reading + Therapy (90+ min.)

This is the perfect setup to allow a reading and healing in one! In this therapy session, extra time is given to scan the aura for damages or other negative energies that exist. If you are not sure what is wrong, this is a great option at a great price!

The energies discovered from the reading are shared as I see and understand them. After completing your energy reading, you can choose which area you wish to continue healing first, and we work from there.

An in-depth reading of the aura typically takes 30+ minutes. The remainder of the session is dedicated to providing healing services based on your preferences.

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Pets Welcome!

Has your best friend been diagnosed with a condition that limits his/her life?

As an owner of 19 furry and feathery pets myself, I realize that alternative therapies could be the right choice for your pet's health. So far, I have practiced energy therapy with:

  • cats
  • dogs
  • chickens

Even at a distance, healing can be claimed by your cat, dog, bird, chicken, hamster, snake, etc. I work with you and your pet to provide a safe environment for their recovery. The number of sessions is dependent on your pet's receptiveness to the energy, among other factors.

Foster Animals

Foster pets are welcome if the rescue company approves. I ask that the pet's owner (or foster parent) is present at the time of service and is able to remain engaged during the healing session. If you are unable to have your pet attend the live video session please include details in your appointment request so we can arrange alternative methods.

Energy Cleanse *Only In-Person*

Transqualia energy services may also be available in person at expos and fairs. In addition to handouts and interactive material, sign up for an Energy Cleanse. If you know I am presenting at a location near you, please come by to try an affordable and quick Energy Cleanse (~20 mins).

An Energy Cleanse restores balance within one's energy system. Working with the chakras, Amy flushes out any negative energies and re-introduces divine light into one's energy field. This is the only kind of energy work offered at fairs/expos due to the nature of privacy needed for energy therapy.

Not sure what to work on?

Maybe you intuitively sense something is wrong. 

Maybe you feel the hunch leading you to book a session, but not sure why.

No worries! At Transqualia, we have you covered!

As a gifted clairvoyant and clairsentient energy therapist, I can also see, feel, and otherwise sense what energy needs a shift to facilitate healing. Book Energy Reading + Healing to opt in for this extra insight.