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The Unconscious Levels of Pain

We may be familiar with physical pain, or even emotional pain. Energy healing, however, can reach deeper than these familiar places. Each level is a platform of health and matters to your whole being. Let's go over the more unconscious forms of pain that we can find within ourselves on different levels.


Physical pain is probably the most apparent form of pain. When you scrape your knee falling off a bike, it hurts. Being that our physical body is a very intelligent system, blood rushes to the area to help repair it. The brain responds faster than you can think if you burn your finger, sending the message to involuntarily withdraw your hand from the offending place. The body is designed to respond to its repair. In fact, it has been known that phantom limbs can be regrown because the body knows its design and works around the clock to restore that template. 


We may be familiar with emotional pain from the loss of a loved one or an ending romantic relationship. Emotional ties are real and are felt as feelings within our core. For instance, heartbreak is a real thing. Emotions are tied in with the body's message of hormones and neurotransmitters, but emotions are less than physical. They are a step into the invisible realms of nature. As we progress in each level, it get less and less physically related, yet gets more and more personal and unconscious even.


Mental pain is something we are familiar with but may not recognize nearly as often. After studying in school for long hours straight, how did you keep yourself going? Was it coffee? Energy drinks? Loud music? Our brain needs stimulation to keep it going. But often times, our minds don't get the rest it needs. Mentality is our ability to think through ideas and concepts, generating its power to manifest. For example, you study for a test mentally so your can manifest a good grade. Mental processing needs rest after the stress we put it through. We process thoughts and emotions within dreams, where much mental healing can take place actually. Also, experiencing negative thoughts can stress out the mental system. This is mental pain.


Spiritual pain is something we don't acknowledge enough because it is not readily acknowledged as a health factor. Whether you believe in the Christian God or if nature is your spiritual connection, separation from that entity is spiritual pain. Also, social separation is what divides a spiritual union. You will notice how, in healthy spiritual beliefs, every action is about connecting with the All. Even in philosophy, if not religious, philosophers acknowledge that "everything is connected." Connection is health; separation is pain.


The first example that comes to mind is the treatment for cancer: radiation/chemotherapy. When exposed to the vibrations of certain types of light, it is well-known that there are harmful effects associated with such vibrations. Additionally, the scares and complaints that 5G networks expose us to unneccessary, harmful vibrations is another source of vibrational pain. Pain on this unconscious level happens when in the presence of another person or entity expressing vibrations that our person is not capable of handling. This incurs in many ways that we cannot see or feel, but we notice the effects and common nature of its reports. Other factors include: proximity to chemical plants, attitudes, physical and social pollutions (environmental stress), types of music listened to, intentions, and so forth. Also, ever heard of energy vampires? This unconscious level is where the "energetic forms" really take shape. 


Miasm is a vibratory pain. It is not a "thing," per se, but more like an idea; it is real and its energy persists even for generations. Miams are an illness in vibratory form. If you are familiar with how homeopathy works, it is similar. The vibration from a previous illness is leftover and passed on. There are some who get sick because they seem more prone to getting sick, without reason. There are also cases that, when miasms are passed down in generations, it may not create a manifestation until generations later. These are the most unconscious forms of pain. One may carry a miasm (vibratory pain) with them in their genes without ever knowing it or manifesting it. This form can only be prevented or healed through vibrational healing, a form of energy healing.

Now that you have reviewed the many types of unconscious pains, which were you already familiar with? Which are ones that you consciously deal with? Which are ones that your ancestors/family or other close tribe members deal with? Which captures your attention the most? What is calling for healing the most?




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